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Fire Prevention Tree Clearing Specialists to Hire

Increase your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire with fire prevention tree clearing services. Eagle Tree Service understands the risks that increase the spread of wildfires. We create defensible space needed to slow down the spread of these wildfires and protect your home from danger. If you believe your property is under a condition that could not survive a fire, contact our fire prevention tree clearing company to address this concern.

Preventing Danger to Your Property with Fire Prevention Tree Clearing

We know the problem areas that can start or precipitate the spread of a wildfire. When it comes to trees, we look for these signs:

  • Leafless branches
  • Trees with excessive leaf loss
  • Fallen limbs that are dry
  • Noticeable fungus or rot growth

Eagle Tree Service can identify which tree poses a fire hazard. Once we recognize these risks, we intervene immediately and perform a fire prevention tree clearing service. We understand proper tree spacing, such as the measurements of tree branches hanging above the ground or near shrubs and bushes. As fire prevention tree clearing professionals in Oakland, we concentrate on creating adequate and clear safe space between trees and your California property.

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