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Dedicated Leaders in Forest and Tree Restoration

Eagle Tree Service seeks to proactively participate in the recovery of a degraded ecosystem. We do more than save trees through our tree restoration efforts; we push for ecological uplift and putting Mother Earth back on a sustainable path. Our tree restoration experts concentrate on protecting natural and manmade landscapes with selective restoration goals in mind. To hear about our active intervention to accelerate the natural regeneration of the land around us, contact us today.

The Importance of Tree Restoration

Tree restoration renders a range of benefits. Eagle Tree Service applies concentrated efforts that do more than save trees. Our goals focus on the following:

  • Saving a degrading forest
  • Enhance food security
  • Preserve ecosystem for wildlife
  • Increase quality air and water
  • Climate change resilience

We work and live for the land of California. Our tree restoration services in Oakland involve planting trees on destroyed or withering landscapes. We also get acclimated to the groundwater, topography, soil type and climate to make a selective rebuilding plan. With this, we choose the best species of trees to satisfy the restoration goal. At Eagle Tree Service, we know we live in a world where forests are undervalued. However, we step in with a mindful forestry and tree restoration initiative to accelerate biodiversity and forestry recovery.

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